I’m a big time creature of habit. Holiday traditions are HUGE with me. Upholding old ones, creating new ones. I love tradition. One new one I’ve been dying to do since way before I had a baby was decorating her book nook for every season. So in light of Fall, I dedicated one of her little cubby holes to the season. I put Fall books and books that remind me of Autumn in that single little cubby. I also gave her a little glowing pumpkin of her own. I love it. REALLY love it. This mom thing…. it’s pretty fantastic =)

14 Responses to Little Book Nook…

  1. Bon Bon says:

    What sweet memories you guys are making:-) Precious! xoxo

  2. That looks like the perfect spot!

  3. xoxo, dania says:

    my mom did the same for us when we were younger! they will appreciate it forever!


  4. ah, what a precious little reading nook. love it!
    xo TJ

  5. This is such a cute idea :) Looking forward to seeing more

  6. I’ve never heard of that before. Hm. It’s a cute idea!

  7. awwww how cute is he :) I think it’s so important to encourage reading.

  8. My mom was always big on creating traditions–and I’m so glad she was…your little one is precious and I love these little memories :) have a happy weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  9. What a fabulous idea! I love traditions too – they make things so much more special. We need to make a trip to the library!

  10. Sharde says:

    how cute! it does look like the perfect little reading spot. :) btw i just followed you on pinterest as well, youve got some good pins girl!

    sharde @ the style projects

  11. beautiful little moments captured :) !

  12. jozen says:

    oh, i am a BIG believer in upholding traditions and making new ones too!

    good job mama!

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