My friend is having her baby’s FIRST birthday party this weekend. Woohoo. Her baby is 4 days apart from Samantha in age. Spontaneously last night I came over and helped her make the cupcakes and white chocolate dipped oreos with piping. Well actually after the fact I realized we should have piped the cookies. We ended up drizzling the colored chocolate from a spoon. didn’t quite work as planned. Lets just say it was an ARTISTIC evening. But I still think they turned out amazing =)

5 Responses to Late Night Art Show…

  1. You got me craving cupcakes now, wow!

  2. Kandice says:

    loooooooks deeeeliiiicious.

    i’m hungry.

  3. ayumills says:

    They look so yummy and amazing!

  4. Jenna Lee says:

    It all looks great! What a wonderful party!

  5. Sarah says:

    Those cupcakes had chocolate pudding and chocolate chips in it. I was amazing.

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