I’m not a pro at this gardening stuff, but I don’t remember this tree blooming too much last fall so this could be the last bloom. Samantha and I admire the pretty flowers on this tree every morning. It’s so pretty.

So I’m catching up on a few things. Soon I’ll have pictures from Samantha’s birthday party as well as some other family outings up on my blog. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

2 Responses to Last Bloom…

  1. moonflower says:

    Hi Sarah,

    That’s a crepe myrtle – they only bloom once a year in the summer. Ours didn’t bloom last year either.

    Next spring you should plant a container garden out there!

    Aunt Cheryl

  2. Kandice says:

    oh, sarah, i’m so envious.
    i wish i had a pretty tree to look at all day, everyday.

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