I was on vacation recently and realized when talking with a family member that the longest Brad and I have ever lived in one place is a year and a half! In five years we’ve almost moved every single year! All various reasons…Raised rent, moved closer to railways for job commute, lived with parents between rentals, upgraded to bigger rentals, etc. I love the places we’ve lived. Each was so different and unique. We’ve lived in so many different kinds of rentals ranging from a 400 sq ft vintage apartment in Old Town Orange, all the way to our current house we rent out in Brea. On one hand it’s totally fun and exciting because it’s starting all new, but on the other hand every year I get less motivated to decorate and really settle which is kind of a bummer. I will say our current place was big enough for us to move everything out of our storage units, so in a way I felt like I got to decorate more and that was a lot of fun.

Now with November (when our lease expires) approaching I find myself wanting to do things with the house, but at the same time wanting to wait until we find out if we’ll be staying or moving first before I do any decorating. It’s kind of annoying when I totally have in mind where I’m going to put the Christmas tree this year… but that’s only IF we are staying here.  I don’t mind renting. In a way it’s very freeing, but moving can be a bit weary. I’d love to settle somewhere for 5 years instead of moving every year like the past 5 years lol. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or I’m not content. I’ve very very thankful for the blessings the Lord has given me that I certainly do not deserve. I’m also trying to learn from each of these experiences. My prayer is that one day (hopefully soon) we’ll get to settle in a place whether it’s our own, or a rental I don’t really mind just as long as I can turn it into my home long enough to feel a bit settled.

I will say that one fun item we bought a few months ago was a really plush hand woven wool rug. We got it for the baby so that if she fell she wouldn’t bonk her sweet little crown on the hard tile. We LOVE it.

9 Responses to What the Future Brings…

  1. sherri lynn says:

    Wow you’ve moved so many times! Your rug is absolutely gorgeous! And it feels like it’s really soft too :)

  2. I love the rug. it goes well with the furniture!! :) WE are planning to move again after our vacation to CA in April/May. Ill be looking for hopefully a 4 bedroom or a bit bigger then what we are renting now. I miss our home back in AZ but sometimes you have to do what is best for your family/work situation. :)

  3. LOVE that rug!! so so pretty and looks great with the room!

  4. Cindy says:

    :( I hope you can stay put for a while. It is really exhausting to move, and also to learn where everything is in your new neighborhood. I pray you can have a restful Christmas! Hugs!

  5. Love this rug! It looks so so comfy & homey! :)

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  6. Stephanie says:

    I can totally relate. For the last 11 years, the longest I’ve stayed in one place is two years. In one way, I love the freedom but at the same time, I’m starting to crave some stability.

  7. Gelene says:

    In reply to your comment: do you have a picture of your black pug?? hahhaha my boyfriend is thinking about getting a pug, so I’m a little obsessed with them at the moment (lol!) And I agree with the nordstrom return policy, it’s one of the best! :)

    I’m liking your choice with the rug!! It complements the room very very well!

    - Gelene

  8. Diana says:

    i loooved my apt in downtown anaheim- it’s the most nicest, luxurious place i’ve stayed and reminds me of a fancy hotel in nyc. however! scott and i never decorated, or even put up ONE curtain panel because we believed it was “permanent”. apt living is nice, but it wasn’t our goal. you guys will find what’s best for you at the perfect time (that’s usually an unexpected time!)

  9. Vale ♥ says:

    I have also moved a few times and on one hand it’s good cause changing can be so good but it’s also a stressful experience ! You have a lovely blog and your daughter is such a cutie ! So pretty !.
    If you want we can follow each other, just let me know if you follow my blog so I can follow back ! Kisses


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