So Samantha eats about 4 times a day. Breakfast, early lunch, late afternoon snack, and dinner. Early lunch and late afternoon snack she totally eats finger foods (usually banana chunks, squaw bread, veggie cruchies, and other fruits), but dinner time she’s been fighting eating finger foods. She got used to me making chunky blends and spoon feeding her. It’s taken a while to get her to do it herself, but we recently made some progress! Here the menu consisted of cooked spinach, honey ham, and colby cheese. Eventually I’ll get her to eat breakfast on her own, but not yet. She gets a pureed medley of fruits mixed with oatmeal and I’m not ready for a big fat mess first thing in the morning yet. I know some may be thinking “suck it up Sarah and face the mess!”, buuuuuuut I’m not into washing peach and oatmeal out of my baby’s hair in the morning when I’m going to have to do it around 11am, 2pm, and then in the evening too (plus lets not leave out the occasional diaper explosion). I’ll get into that mess when I give her utensils.

So it was a super productive week. While up at the lake house she took her first long stroll, then she ate finger foods for dinner. {insert happy fists}

P.S. I read this excellent post from Kim at Fill Your Well. It hits the spot when you need a reminder of your value. 

3 Responses to Finger Lickin’ Good…

  1. how darling is she :) with her big blue eyes.

  2. bonnie says:

    From far away those cheese chunks look like captain crunch! Haha, just a liiiitle too young for those, I suppose :)

  3. totally last minute, but wanted to invite you out to this super fun lagoon in irvine with me and a few ladies from church (and our bebes of course). we’re meeting tomorrow (thurs) around lunchtime, and the babies have an absolute blast in the water! email me if you would like more details.

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