I like you. A lot. My whole family uses your products and I’ve been raised on them from the beginning. I recently purchased one of your products and paid to have you transfer all my stuff from my old laptop to my new one, but Apple….this makes me nervous. Not that I don’t trust you or anything. Like I mentioned before we have a lot of history together, but Apple…keeping BOTH of my laptops for TWO whole days with ALL of my passwords would make anyone feel nervous. I mean, I think you almost know as much about me as my husband does now…This was never a requirement earlier on in our relationship. I just think you are asking too much of me now. So Apple…I hope you understand. I hope you hired honest and trustworthy employees. I hope this doesn’t somehow backfire on me in the future. And most importantly I hope my secret fears of you trying to take over the world are not confirmed because, Apple…I just want things between us to work out.

Yours (hopefully) forever,



3 Responses to Dear Apple…

  1. Lol!! That always makes me nervous too!! I am sure that everything will be fine… don’t worry! :)


  2. I can only imagine how nerve wracking that must be. I switched from one apple to another a month ago, but I did the transfer myself {via my time capsule} and i was still biting my nails the whole time.

  3. Diana says:

    I love Apple, but I agree- they are definitely a monopoly when it comes to computers. I’m sure it’ll work out for the best (although I’m a bit of a wishful thinker as well!)

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