Our dear friend Melissa is here from Northern California to visit friends and family. She specifically wanted to come out and meet all the new bebes. We were so excited to introduce her to Samantha. I met up with Melissa earlier and Brad joined us after work. We decided to meet in my old neighborhood at the Orange Circle. We ate at Watson which is an old 50′s restaurant and drugstore. They are well known for their real soda fountain. Afterward we did a few laps around the Orange Circle until Brad met up with us. We decided to make a stop at Cafe Lucca. Brad and I used to go there all the time when we lived in the Circle. Ever since we went to Italy and had their gelato, we’ve been trying to find something here that’s similar. Nothing, not even the Venetian’s gelato was as good as Cafe Lucca’s. I guess someone in the family went to Italy and worked with some gelataria’s. He brought home the methods and recipes and now makes life a little bit better for us in OC. Samantha really enjoyed the gelato, wiggling around BIG time, and meeting Melissa. We definitely miss our dear friend and would love to see her more often. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit her sometime soon while making a San Francisco trip.

3 Responses to Cafe Lucca? Yes Please…

  1. pluot flavor? sounds to die for!

  2. pluot flavor? sounds to die for!

  3. Michelle says:

    Jut wanted to leave a note and tell you how gorgeous I think your pictures are!

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