Ok so do any of you looove throwing parties? If so you probably try to customize your party to what the person you are throwing it for likes. Their colors, their themes, you have your spin on it, but in the end it’s THEIR party not yours. And don’t you just hate how it’s not customary to throw your own baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower, etc. Even if you tried to chances are family and friends would stop you in your tracks (which is very sweet of them). But in the end you never really try out color schemes, inventive DIY, and other party ideas the way you envision it. Yes, there is always holiday parties, BBQ’s, and random get togethers, but it’s so fun doing birthday parties and showers. They are celebration parties and people get excited for them.

Well one of the MANY and I really mean many perks of being a parent to a wonderful, sweet, going on one year old is SHE COULD CARE LESS WHAT KIND OF BIRTHDAY PARTY SHE HAS!!! I see this as an opportunity…. an opportunity to throw what I think is an adorable 1 year birthday party. I’m not holding back people. As far as my husband and my budget will allow that’s how far I’m going. So I’ve already started my party planning. I’ve booked the venue, got my theme, and I’m starting my DIY stuff now. In the future I plan on being a parent who let’s their kid invite 5 or so friends and then I’ll cart them to Disneyland or do slumber parties and then call it a day. Buuuut for the first birthday I’d love to not only throw a fun party for my sweet baby, but also for family and friends as a thank you for all their love and support. We’ll make a really fun day out of it =)

Venue: George Key Ranch Historical Park. It’s 2.2 acre lot of land that was donated to the city to preserve the residing orange groves. They turned the 1898 home into a museum and use the gardens and orange groves for weddings and parties. This place is full of historic character.

I originally was going for a “Tortoise and Hare” theme, but I was having hard time finding a historical venue that would allow me to bring real bunnies and a tortoise on the site. So I decided to go with a “Sweet as Pie” theme and take advantage of the picnic area. Below are my ideas so far.
1. Yellow Candle Invitation 2. Yellow Bunting 3. Purple Pom Pom 4. White choc. dipped marshmallows 5. DIY paper streamers 6. Yellow Pom Pom 7. Purple paper straws 8. Lavender lemonade 9. Pie pops 10. Mason jar pie favors 11. 17″ round “Kiwi” balloons

4 Responses to And it Starts…

  1. Cindy says:

    Love it! Lukas was just commenting today on an ad he saw for making cake pops…he’s never seen them before. Obviously, I don’t take him into Starbucks enough… Love the pie pop idea!

  2. How fun! I had a blast putting together my daughter’s first birthday. You deserve to go all out with that first birthday, for yourself and your daughter. I became a much more relaxed mom after the first year. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


  3. Cat says:

    Love your inspiration … all of those bright, fun colors are going to be perfect!

    The venue looks totally gorgeous … it’s porch is amazing :) {I have always been totally smitten with grand old porches like that}

    Can’t wait to see how this party come together!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  4. HAha, I love your thoughts on party planning and then your reflections on planning a 1st bday party ;) Such wisdom!! I want an invite – that venue looks INCREDIBLE!! Have fun! Can’t wait to see more of your projects for the party!

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