These are some pictures of the first week of Brad being a father. It’s been such a privilege seeing him fall more and more in love with our little honey every day.

1st day as a father

Catching some z’s. I should have joined them!

Love my father. He’s seriously been the sweetest and most loving father to me. I’m very blessed.

Brad and his father back in the day when Brad go-kart raced. Brad speaks of these fond memories all the time.  Brad’s dad is so amazing. 
And one more little thing… This doesn’t exactly pertain to Father’s Day, but I found this video while looking for Father’s Day pictures and I couldn’t resist. This is Samantha’s first video. I love hearing Brad chuckle in the background =)

2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day, and Hiccups…

  1. You are so blessed. Brad seems so happy but in a peaceful way. I love these images from the heart.

  2. Ana Degenaar says:

    Such a blessing! Happy Father’s Day to him!

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