So I stumbled across some fun pictures from a few years ago. A friend of mine and I went to the Fashion District in LA for a project I was sewing. It brought back fond memories and rekindled how much I LOVE the Fashion District. Rows and rows of fabric piled up to the ceilings and squished together that you could get lost in. It’s also kind of like being in a 3rd world country, but in a good way if that makes sense? It’s one of those places that you totally love, or totally hate. I really enjoy bargaining with the sellers. You can get fabric talked down pretty cheap if you are determined.

9 Responses to Fashion District…

  1. rebecca says:

    Ah, that’d be lovely to get lost in those aisles of fabric :)

  2. Alexa says:

    Oh man wish I could sew. Looks like a great place!

  3. Ana Degenaar says:

    Oh memories, so wonderful!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I think I would get overwhelmed in a place like that but it looks like it would make for some great photos. :)

  5. sherri lynn says:

    Oh I would love to be able to pick out different fabrics to spruce up my home! Of course I would take my sister who I would have to get to do all the sewing since I can’t sew!

  6. i would love to go to a big huge fabric warehouse like that! id never be able to make any decisions.. or spend all the money i have in the whole wide world there!

  7. Cat says:

    Yes! Great pictures … I am with you … such creative energy exists in all the yards of fabric and notions :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  8. This kind of reminds me of project runway and I’m always fascinated by fabrics! xoxoxoo

  9. Diana says:

    ah! i love the fashion district. the last time i went was since i picked out my wedding dress fabric. i could seriously get lost in all the fabrics, too ^_^

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