My lovely grandmother (who is a retired landscape architect and has the most amazing garden ever) was so kind to help me put together my first terrarium. We went to a local nursery, picked out a few plants and supplies and went back home to put the terrarium together. I’ve never really dealt with plants before so I literally felt like I was walking on egg shells. Kind of like the feeling of holding a newborn baby for the first time (whether it’s your own or someone elses) and you have that panic feeling of possibly holding them wrong… that’s how I felt handling the plants. My grandma was a good support and help. I was very proud of the finished product. Eventually (when I can find some) I’m going to “accessorize” my terrarium by adding some more dried Billy Ball flowers to it to give it a pop of yellow. I only have an old one that was in a bouquet I got a few years ago. I think my thumb is turning green ;)

Getting started

Layers of gravel and charcoal

All finished

My lovely little lady

Isn’t my grandmother gorgeous?
There’s my 3 year old Billy Ball

5 Responses to My First Terrarium…

  1. Brittany H. says:

    Ooh girl, it’s a big, pretty one! I just love them, they are so unique. Looks like your little one likes it too! And how cool is that, that your gm was a landscape architect?

    Have a great weekend!
    You Are My Favorite

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  3. Marika xoxo says:

    This is such a beautiful blog <3

    I love your posts!

  4. Kayla Poole says:

    your baby girl in that sun hat is just too much!

  5. this turned out great!!

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