This past weekend Brad, the bebe, and I all went up to a camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. It’s a camp I used to go to all throughout grade school and high school with my church. Lots of fun memories there. The camp also hosts “Family Camp”. My father has been going to it for years and asked if we wanted to join him this year. I’m so glad we did! The first and last day we were up there the weather was beautiful. Saturday was windy and rainy, but I actually liked it. It gave me a good reason to curl up with some hot chocolate and just have fun visiting with friends.  Samantha is the 4th generation on my dads side to visit this camp, and boy was he proud. My dad is such a good grandpa to Samantha (or as he calls her Ellie since her middle name is Eliana and he loves the nickname Ellie). We got a really cute video of Samantha nodding off in his arms. It was seriously the sweetest thing in the world. In the video my dad kept wanting to show her off to people and Brad kept scolding me for accidentally waking the baby up. It’s pretty cute/funny.

Is this what they mean when they say “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”?

Someone’s a proud grandpa

Did you all have a nice holiday weekend?

4 Responses to Memorial Weekend…

  1. Tamuna says:

    It’s so precious to observe the sweet relationship between your dad and your daughter. He must miss the days when you were his little baby girl :) Too sweet!

  2. Luz Maria says:

    That video is so cute. If I were Samantha I’d be falling asleep too, she looked so snuggly and comfy in grandpa’s arms. It was so funny how your dad kept wanting everyone to come over and see her. I completely understand why he would want to show her off though, she’s adorable!

  3. rebecca says:

    sounds like fun!! Samantha is just so so cute in the swing!! :)

  4. Hi Sarah! Sounds like a such a wonderful family trip! Samantha looks so cute with her grandpa! You’re so lucky to be surrounded by such a loving family! xoxoxoo

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