We had a lovely Easter day. It started off rainy and gloomy, but it ended kind of on a sunny note. In church Samantha was in a really good mood and wanted to climb on me, eat my necklace, and eat my hair. She was such a wiggle worm and it was cracking me up. I seriously love her to pieces, even when she drives me crazy like that. After church we went to my in-laws house to hang out and have dinner. My dad came over to see Samantha in her Easter outfit. My dad bought her a Biscotti dress for Christmas and I was really hoping she would still fit in it for Easter and she did!!! It wasn’t a big fro fro dress, but it was made out of pink velvet and the details were really well done. It was way past her nap time so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any smiles out of her, but she was cute anyway.

20 Responses to Easter!!!

  1. Luz Maria says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Samantha looks adorable in that dress and the picture with her and your dad is so sweet. I’m glad you had a nice Easter.

  2. PTCRUZ says:

    ¡feliz pascua!

  3. paige brunt says:

    such a fun age! i love it when they get so curious. (and when they’re in a good mood) your daughter is so beautiful.

  4. Andrea says:

    Adorable pictures! What a gorgeous yard. Just found your blog and it’s so cute. Just started following. Hope you get a chance to check out my blog:)


  5. Brittany H. says:

    Again, I could just squeeze her, she’s so cute. Lovely pictures. These will be great to look at in years to come.

    You Are My Favorite

  6. Aron says:

    She is supper cute!

  7. These are adorable family pictures! What a little cutie.

  8. Cindy says:

    You all look so great…and love the dress on the girl! Happy Easter!

  9. Michael says:

    Sounds like you had a grrrreat Easter. Babies grow up so quickly what luck that the dress still fit. It fit in so well with all the beauty the surrounded you all in those photos. Things are just starting to bloom here, can’t wait until we have some color in the landscape like you folks. You are so blessed.
    Stop by if you have a chance. My place is not nearly as well done up as yours. But I am just getting me feet wet.

  10. I just found your blog, and I love it! The baby is beautiful, she’s so cute! I love your pictures!

    Xoxo ♥
    Rocio R.

  11. Dionne says:

    Oh how cute! She’s precious. And Happy Easter!

  12. Oh my goodness she is adorable and that dress is so pretty! I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!!

  13. Dionne says:

    Oooh, thanks for that pinterest link – so cute! I actually made something somewhat similar to that. But instead of fondant greens, I used mint. Here’s some pics:



  14. Joy says:

    oh my goodness…your baby is ADORABLE!! That dress..those cheeks!

  15. what nice Easter pictures! looke like a good family gathering :)

  16. such a pretty family! The dress is so stinking adorable and just the right amount of poof for a little one:) Your Easter looked perfect, sweetie!

  17. this house! these flowers! and baby girl, so beautiful! Love these pictures.

  18. Fork says:

    What a cute family! That dress is gorgeous!


  19. Hi Sarah! Aww..such adorable family photos! Sounds like an amazing Easter day! :-) xoxooxo

  20. Tamuna says:

    She’s so adorable, Sarah! What a sweet little family you have :)

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