So Melissa came over again and took more pictures of Samantha. I had to scramble to think of what to do. I decided the night before I was going to do a veggie garden themed picture and a rock climbing themed pictures. The only thing is Samantha is supposed to be a caterpillar in the veggie patch wanting to eat the veggies, but Brad said she just looks like she’s in a sac and I think he’s right :( Oh well, at least she looks cute and the veggie patch looks kinda cool. I LOVE how the rock climbing picture looks. The one with her arching back looks like she’s about to fall lol. Thanks again Melissa!!!

2 Responses to Veggies and Rock Climbing….

  1. Cindy says:

    She makes a very cute caterpillar! (I wonder what kind of butterfly she’ll become?)

  2. rebecca says:

    These are adorable! I need to do a photoshoot like this with my two nephews!

    I just found your blog – love your blog title :)

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