Since my hubby works at a Tech company, he has the opportunity to work from home if he needs too. He works in Down Town LA and takes the train so he usually leaves there a little early so that he can get home by 6:30pm. Then after dinner he’ll work a little bit more from our home office. The places we’ve lived always had the office and living room combined up until now. It was nice before because I always kept Brad company while he worked. Now in our new place we have a room designated for the office upstairs. But Brad misses me keeping him company, so we decided to get a comfy chair for the office.

We decided to get the Carter Glider-Swivel Chair and ottoman from Room and Board.

Simple, comfortable, good quality, and it matches our couch set that we also purchased from Room and Board. So if we ever decide to bring it down in the living room, everything will go together nicely =)

On a random note, I’m totally rocking out to Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

3 Responses to Rock On…

  1. Its really cute you got a chair specifically so you could hang out in the office with your husband :)

  2. I Dream Of says:

    Great choice! I have my work space in our great room– sometimes I wish I had my own studio space, but I think I would get lonely like your husband!

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