We LOVE books. Samantha is doing a lot of grabbing so board books are our friends right now. One of the best things I used to day dream about before I had Samantha was reading to my children.  Children books are just so interesting and fun. There’s definitely something magical about them that even adults can experience.

It’s so precious how creative a child’s imagination can be and also how real it feels to them when reading a book.When I was a nanny we read at least 3 books a day. Now with my 5 month old we read at least 3 books, but it usually ends up being 5 a day. Right now our top 3 are Whinnie the Pooh colors,Good Night Moon (a classic), and Owl Babies. Samantha responds the most to Whinnie the Pooh colors. After I read every page she looks at the page, then looks at me and either squeals with delight or babels.

3 Responses to All A-board!

  1. Cindy says:

    So cute! Just wait until Samantha is “reading” these books to your next child…she’ll have them memorized in no time!

  2. Very lovely pictures, love your blog!

    Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.


  3. I Dream Of says:

    Hi Sarah, You can never have too many books, right?
    Thanks so much for following along!

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