So here they are! I’m very please with how they turned out. Melissa came over and took 3 different photos. The first one is Samantha in London. London holds a special place in Brad and my hearts so I thought I’d pay tribute with this picture. I love it! I wish I did this before Christmas time. It would have made such a cute Christmas card. The 2nd photo was her being hung on a clothes line. I got this idea off the internet from a mom who did a ton of these kinds of pictures. I tried to come up with original ideas, but this one was too cute not to repeat. The 3rd photo shoot is more “classic” baby poses. Samantha did so well. She was in such a good mood and LOVED Melissa. All in all it was such a fun day. I highly recommend my friend Melissa Pena’s photography. Her website is

I like the above picture because it looks like she’s looking at her turtle friend in the double decker.

This one looks like she’s admiring Big Ben

The above picture is actually one I took with my camera. This was a “test” picture.

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  1. Marie says:

    Haha love these!! All so cute and creative. ;)

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