Friday evening I had some girlfriends over to have a movie night. The movie pick was Newsies, starring Christian Bale (before he had straight teeth). So much fun going down memory lane watching that movie. It was the perfect opportunity for me to make homemade popcorn. Any opportunity I get to make popcorn I jump on it. I have one of those neat Cuisinart popcorn poppers. I melted some butter, put out the salt and viola. Better than the movie theater popcorn. Since I had guests I thought it would be cute to make little popcorn bags. I purchased white lunch bags and cut them short. It’s a fun and tasty snack. Pair that with some chocolate and it completes the “concessions”. It ended up being a chilly rainy night so we topped it off with hot chocolate and tea. I really do love being a girl. You never really hear about guys having a movie night, and not that I really want them to have one, but I sure do love that us ladies have them =)


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  1. heather says:

    It was a blast, and Sarah is the perfect hostess!! Her baby Samantha was a blast to play with and put to bed! What an amazing family they are!

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