Yes, I have it. I don’t think it’s what Brad and the baby had because neither of them had a fever, but I can’t figure out where I got it from. I’ve had a fever going up as high as 102.5 F all weekend. I have a good support system though. Brad helped out in every way he could, I called my mom a few times to whine because that’s what I do when I’m sick, and Brads mom came over today to watch the baby while I slept all day. I think I’m finally starting to get better, but I’m still pretty whipped.

On a fun note, I got my new book I ordered for my birthday! It’s the Wee Wonderfuls craft book by Hillary Lang. I’ve really been into making toys and now that I have a kid, it gives me more inspiration to make them. So as I checked my temperature every two minutes (kinda a nervous tick thing for me when I have a fever) I sifted through my new book and imagined all the cute things I would make.

As we speak/type, Brad and I are eating homemade popcorn and watching Bullets Over Broadway. It’s such a funny movie and sure to liven my spirits. Dianne Wiest’s character is HILARIOUS! My family on my mom’s side introduced us to this film and it really is so fun.


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