So Friday night was fun because I got to have a girls night with my friend Heather. We were celebrating her birthday with some of her other girl friends with pizza, and a movie. I made cupcakes for the gathering and it was so much fun. I’ve only made cupcakes one other time and it was a while ago. I new the party was going to be casual so I wanted to go with the classic cupcake. I made chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting that had a hint of good vanilla extract in it…Yum! Samantha happened to take a 2 1/2 hour nap so I was able to get all the cupcakes done and then some. There are cupcake jars that you can buy. I’ve seen people use them as cotton ball holders in their bathroom or hold things like sugar in a kitchen. The design for these jars are what inspired me to make my cupcaks. So simple yet so eye appealing (and tasty too)

My Cupcake!

So my sweet Samantha always squealed with delight anytime she got happy, but she never really laughed or giggled yet. Well I actually was able to capture her doing a REAL laugh and boy is it adorable!


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