So Brad and Samantha both caught colds. I think Brad caught it from Samantha. So far I haven’t caught it yet (knock on wood), and Lord willing, I won’t catch it that way I can continue to look after both of them at full capacity. I’ve been using nasal spray for the baby and been spending a lot of time in the shower steamed bathroom with her. Poor little sweet heart. Even with being sick, she’s in good spirits, smiling and giggling still when I play or read to her. What kills me is hearing her cough. It’s terrible. Dr. said that unless she has fever, can’t feed, or is vomiting a lot, that I should just stay home and ride it out with her. Brad has stayed home 2 days so far. The nice thing is he can work from home. Brad’s kind of taken over the duties of the dog since the baby has arrived, but since he’s been sick I’ve been doing both. So again, I REALLY hope I don’t get sick LOL

I guess one “nice” thing about everyone being under the weather is they are all sleeping a lot and not only do I get everything done that I need to get done, but I also get some free time. I recently discovered two new AWESOME blogs. Here are some pictures from them.

These first few give great entertaining ideas for showers, b-day parties, etc. They also have nursery ideas too. The blog is

This next blog also has some fun entertaining ideas, nursery ideas, and DIY ideast too.


2 Responses to Blogs and sickies… but not sick of blogs =)

  1. Cindy says:

    I love the hanging bottles! So beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much!
    Eat Drink Chic is one of my FAVORITE blogs =)

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