So Brad and I went back to the pugs. We found out that on a scale from 1 to 100, and a fawn pug sheds at 100, a black pug would be around a 15 to 20 on the shedding scale. That’s really encouraging! Brad and I haven’t actually held and played with adult black pugs. So we are going to do that to see if we are more comfortable with the black pugs vs. the fawns.

We visited some black pug puppies and I wish we hadn’t. We left with bleeding hearts. We came very close to buying one. We ideally want to wait until February to get a dog. I’m still in the researching stage of how to puppy proof our place,training, plus we are going out of town in December for a week, I’ll probably need to take a Thursday off of work so that I can spend a 4 day weekend with the pup when we first take it home, etc. Things just calm down in February for us and would be the ideal time to get a pup.

We’ll see what happens. Here’s a couple of pictures of Brad with the puppy as well as a video Brad took of me holding a puppy.

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