She’s our new puppy. Brad pulled off a great surprise. She’s the same puppy Brad’s holding in the pictures of a previous blog entry I wrote. Brad convinced me that the puppies were all sold and that we were going to wait until February to get a puppy. When Daphne was old enough to come home, he surprised me with her one night after I came home from visiting a friend.

She’s such a sweet little puppy. She came litter box trained and only cried 1 night. She likes to chew on things, but I watch her like a hawk and I’m training her to only chew on her toys. She’s so sassy in the cutest way. She loves sitting at Brad and my feet. She can’t really go on walks right now because she doesn’t have all of her shots yet, but I can take her places in her kennel. I took the little girl I nanny and Daphne on a walk today, but Daphne sat in the stroller with the little girl. It was sooo adorable. We had cars stopping and looking at them because they were so sweet together.

Here are a couple videos of the pup =)

3 Responses to Daphne….

  1. Katherine says:

    That first video actually made me cry! How cute! Enjoy!!

  2. Cindy says:

    She is so cute! What a wonderful surprise and what a well behaved little girl to come already litter trained.

  3. Gelene says:

    omg! these videos are soooo precious. Daphne is SOOO adorable!!!

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