Wow, it’s been quite some time since last I blogged and I’ve missed it. I want to update you all on all the details, but this would be a very loooooong blog if I did that. What I’ll do is I’m going to blog on a regular basis again and just fill you in each time on what we’ve been up to. Hopefully I’ll get caught up on current events =)

Since my last post was about us moving, I’ll talk about the actual move. We moved the last weekend in August and boy was it HOT! It was that week where it was 100+ degrees all week long. We live on the 5th floor of our apartment complex in Old Town Fullerton (we loving living in old towns, plus they are always near a train station which is nice for Brad’s work commute). Our apartment view is really nice, the layout is perfect, it’s not too large and not too small. The apartment advertises that it’s downtown living with and uptown style and that is a perfect way to describe this place. There’s only 1 down fall…… we live on the 5th floor and the elevator is like a mile away. We lugged all of our stuff all by ourselves (except our brother-in-law helped with the Bed and TV). It was seriously the most hot, sticky, miserable week. To top it off, we realized AFTER we moved everything in that the apartment provides a concierge service with a rolling luggage cart to help move you in!!!! So at least we’ll know that we have access to that when we move out some day LOL!

After getting moved in I immediately started nesting like crazy. Brad and I hopefully, God willing, will be here for a while so Brad was sweet enough to let me decorate the place a little bit more than we normally would (like hanging pictures and shelves, etc). This was perfect timing because I got to get out all my fall stuff. The place has definitely been turned into home for us. I’m excited to have company over now since I haven’t had much room for it in the past. God has truly blessed us and we are so humbled and thankful for all that he has done for us.



3 Responses to So much to talk about……

  1. Diana says:

    your new place looks awesome sarah! we live on the 6th floor, too and it’s such a bear getting all of our Costco stuff up.
    Glad to be in touch even if it’s online!

  2. I’m thinking of getting one of those old people carts LOL

    It’s talking to you too. I really want to get together sometime =)

  3. Cindy says:

    I’m glad you’re back! ;) I love the pictures you shared…so homey.

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