Not dogs….. it’s dugs. So it’s been a topic of conversation for a little while. We want a dog, but it’s hard trying to figure out which breed we want. I grew up with a pug and a Chihuahua. My husband really liked the personality of the pug so we started there…

Yes, yes I know they are ugly, but they have such great personalities… this makes them cute and you see no ugliness. I did a ton of research and I already new they shed a lot. Well, we visited the breeder and met 8 pugs LOL all adults. Brad cuddled with 2 on his lap. He showed up wearing black and left looking like he was wearing a gray shirt because of how much dog hair was on him. We quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of shedding a pug has to offer LOL. Especially since we want a black pug (and we have a white couch!).

So I had to start all over again in my research. We then narrowed the choices to either Chihuahua, French Bull dog, or Boston Terrier. Very tough choice! Since I also grew up with a Chihuahua, I’m leaning towards that breed over the other two. I’ll keep you updated on the decision

The Chi

Woof woof,


2 Responses to The dugs…..

  1. Cindy says:

    Tom’s sister has a French bulldog named Lilliana (Lilly for short) and she loves her! Very sweet natured and not much shedding. Although I guess all the dogs are born by c-section, so they’re pricey.

  2. Christine says:

    I would say the bosty. They are supposed to be very intelligent and have a great disposition. Plus he always looks like he’s dressed for a fancy night out. ;)

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