Hello all,

A lot’s been happening lately, but one new and fun thing that’s going on is that Brad and I are moving!!! Not to a house yet….yes yes I know it’s a bummer, but that will hopefully come soon too. We are still looking for that right house for the right price. Until then, this new apartment will have to do.

They are called The City Pointe Apartments in Downtown Fullerton. It’s a great location and Brad will be able to walk to the train station (which he loves since he takes the train to work) We are going to do some light furnishing that we can take with us to our future house. We move in at the end of August. I’ll post pictures when I get a chance. I’m excited because I’ll have a big enough place to actually have people over now =)

Hope things are going well on your end!



2 Responses to We Are Moving!!!!!

  1. Diana says:

    you moved? dinner party!

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