So every once in a while I’ll go on music binges where I’ll get inspired either by watching a new movie with new music, or I’ll hear old songs I haven’t heard in a while. Then I’ll go on iTunes and download usually around 3 to 8 songs that will satisfy my new music craving. Lately I’ve been listening to a few songs and artists.

My friend Delia and her husband got us into this group called Sons of Korah. This bands music I would compare to the Dave Matthews Band, but better. This band sings Psalms straight out of the bible. They are AMAZING!!! Very inspirational.

A couple days ago my friend Cindy mentioned listening to 80′s music. This got me to visit my 80′s playlist on my iPod. One particular song I love is Take On Me by Aha.

I recently discovered a band I’ve never heard before. They are a secular rock band who as far as I’ve researched (by looking at lyrics) seem to be clean. They are called Mute Math and the song in particular I’ve added to my playlist is called Spotlight. I recommend it =)

So what are you all listening to? (Except for Cindy because I now know you are an Air Supply gal LOL)


PS here is a funny picture of Brad and I bowling. We’ve been together for 6 years (including dating and marriage) and this is our FIRST time bowling together!!!

5 Responses to "The music goes down and around"…

  1. Diana says:

    Mute Math! I remember I saw them at Chain Reaction and no one showed up, but this was years ago. I bought their EP for $6. It was total defunk packaging, too. Great to know they are still around.

    Aww that photo is so cute!!

  2. It’s amazing how long it takes some bands to take off. I haven’t been to Chain Reaction in years! I remember going there to watch Dogwood and Slick Shoes along with other bands. How fun to reminisce!

  3. Cindy says:

    Hey, I WAS an Air Supply girl…not any more. Now it’s all Baby Einstein and Signing Times. ;) Except at night when the kids are in bed…

  4. Christine says:

    What about Dead or Alive-You spin me round? Or Duran Duran…ahh the list can keep growing and growing. :) So who won the bowling game?

  5. Definitely not me. Brad won over me =/ But I’ll get him back!

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