I used to read this blog called Bluelines. It actually derived from a magazine called Blue Print, but both the blog and magazine are no more. Well, actually the blog is still up for archival purposes, but there are no new entries.

Anyway, one blog entry I read on Bluelines was about this one store in London called Labour and Wait. Brad and I actually made a special trip out to this store and bought a few house hold items there. Things that will last a long time and will remind me of our trip anytime I use them. Labour and Wait sells items that bring us back to the simpler days, but in a un-Amish way LOL. Here are a few of the things that are on their website.

3 Responses to Things aren’t made the way they used to be… or are they?

  1. Christine says:

    I used to love blueprint! I love the ladles. They make me feel the need to put some soup on.

  2. Aren’t you so sad blueprint is gone =(

    I soooo badly wanted to get those ladles, but with all the other stuff we were buying I new I wouldn’t have enough room to pack them. I ended up buying little things like a cute hand held can opener, bottle opener,etc. Things I new I would use regularly that weren’t huge.

  3. Diana says:

    Aw I want to see what you guys bought.

    I totally agree, nothing is made the same. Sewing machines are made out of plastic, nothing lasts as long as it did.

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