We had the pleasure of hosting some visitors recently and ventured into San Francisco. We visited pier 39 and putzed around a bit. Samantha is tall enough this trip to somewhat “look” out the big blue binoculars towards Alcatraz. She was just too cute for words. As I explored with my camera a little closer, I noticed the sweetest/silliest markings on the fence. I couldn’t help but take a snap and giggle. I hope you share in my giggles because it’s always fun knowing you’re not giggling alone. Happy Monday!


It says “MV+TH <3 4ever”….. and the other says “Tuna Pies in our Eyes” haha


Last season I feel the kids were kind of cheated out of a holiday. We were still adjusting to our move and since this is our first home we’ve purchased… I was adjusting to a fixer upper vs my familiar blank slate move in ready rental.  So far Samantha has really inherited my love of all things holidays. Sean is pleased to tag a long for the ride. So this season I want to make sure and give them a fun holiday experience through all the seasons. These little years fly by so fast and that look where you see the wonder in their eyes over common everyday things will not last forever. I’m having a hard time accepting that. But I”m also thankful for all the other privileges I have to share and teach with the kids as they grow older and more aware.  But for now I’ll soak in every moment they see a huge field full of pumpkins not really understanding the magic in it, but feeling and enjoying it none the less.

Photos taken at ARDENWOOD FARM. Here’s another fun visit we made there


Fall is basically here. The blush of summer starts to fade. Yes, there are warmer tones with Autumn, but it seems like the light starts to have that cool silver look to it. I love being able to cuddle up with my babies and hold them a little closer as we all get “warm and cozy” as Samantha would say. We have a remodel starting pretty soon so we won’t be able to really enjoy Fall in our home, but there’s a promise of a very cozy and very much so DECORATED Christmas on the silver lining.


This dear girl. My goodness she is one to take me by surprise. With all the busy craziness of everyday life of raising a 4 year old and 2 year old, this mama cherishes any peaceful moment that comes my way. This photo captures one of them. It was quiet time where Sean sleeps and Samantha plays quietly in her room. I was lying on my bed and decided to play with some light settings on my camera when all of a sudden this sweet girl tip toes in and sweetly sliders her little hand right on top of mine…and I furiously snapped pictures to capture the gesture. She continued to relax and soak up the moment with me and I couldn’t bring myself to take too many more photos because I wanted to savor her as long as I could with as little snaps and distractions as possible. She’s my girl, and I love her.



Actually, Samantha was technically three when she shot these, but for all intents and purposes  she was almost four. A good friend of mine suggested giving Samantha a camera and the freedom to take any photo her little heart desired. Genius right??? I gave her my iPhone and let her go wild. I was extremely impressed. I mean, yes there were a few hundred i had to sift through to find her gems, but if I’m really honest, I take  a million photos of the same thing until I get the desired ONE photo lol. Below are my favs that she snapped…and I even threw in a few of my own to try and imitate what she saw through her eyes.

Oh, and PS…. my mama heart melted when her very first picture ever that she wanted to snap was of me, her mama. <3<3<3


Amazing right?????? Ok, now the next few photos below are the ones I took inspired by a few of her photos.



Every now and then I like to share some of our current favorite books. This book isn’t new to us, but we never tire of it. The illustrations are so unique  and eye catching. Samantha loves to count all the different kinds of cats too which is good for her counting. I’m a sucker for big city stuff, brick, jazz, etc. so this book kinda has a special place in my heart.  Now, I tend to be more of a dog lover, but in this books case I’m cool with these cats.

Book: Cats’ Night Out

By: Caroline Stutson

You can buy it HERE